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Forex Daily Analysis by kalaivanan


Posted Date on 19-Apr-2014 04:54:11

Stop Loss


Some men buy boats. Some take up golf. Some buy ranches in South America.  Almost all learn something from the exercise. Many survive. And a few emerge stronger and wealthier. We aim to be part of groups 1 and 2. We've given up all hope being included in group 3.  We went out yesterday morning to round up cattle. It took about 5 hours - riding through the sage brush looking for cows...and then forcing them in the right direction. It was amusing and interesting. The horse did most of the heavy lifting...and since it was a highly skilled horse, its rider merely had to stay on board and let him do his work. What surprised us was how the dogs joined in. Of all the animals involved - those with two legs as well as those with four -- it was the dogs who seemed to enjoy it most. After a few hours, their tongues hung out...but they knew their jobs and loved every minute. They nipped at the heels of the herd to keep them moving. And when one of the cows broke ranks, the dogs set out after it and harassed it back into formation. 

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