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Posted Date on 22-Apr-2014 04:15:05

Stop Loss


As the 5th Phase of polling ends and we cross the half-way mark of the election marathon, the fight between the 5T's of the BJP and the 5G's of the Congress is reaching its peak.  Because Narendra Modi has not agreed to sit down for a charcha over chai with Arnab Goswami, and all we have to benchmark Modi against is the gai-ka-baccha lost-soul interview of Rahul Gandhi, the elements of the 5T v/s 5G story are important.  The BJP's manifesto, released after some parts of India started voting, wants to build Brand India and has focused on their 5T's: tradition, talent, tourism, trade, and technology.  The Congress manifesto, quite irrelevant after heir apparent Rajiv Gandhi's floundering interview with Arnab Goswami, wishes to build Brand India by focusing on the 5 G's: Gandhi, Indira; Gandhi, Sonia; Gandhi, Rajiv; Gandhi, Rahul; and Gandhi, Priyanka.  Both approaches to making India a super power have their merits and it would be wise to list them out

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