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CountingPips 26-07-2014 14-04-00

We need to innovate to continue advancing society and our way of life.Innovation and technology are vital to the coming future of our world.However ...

CountingPips 26-07-2014 14-03-33

I'm bringing you a special Outside the Box today to address a very specificquestion that is on many investor's minds: is there a bubble in biotech?,

CountingPips 26-07-2014 14-03-33

The rare earth elements sector is smaller than it was a few years ago, andChris Ecclestone, mining strategist with Hallgarten & Co., thinks it needsto ... 26-07-2014 14-03-30

Bitcoin start-ups need to do a better job policing themselves or riskgetting bogged down in regulation and legal fees, said an executive of a...

China and Japan 26-07-2014 14-03-12

Market Leader - news and previews making you rich.Barrack Obama has recently made his first statement concerning the disputedSenkaku islands, which currently seem to belong to Japan but are also ...

The Guardian Nigeria 26-07-2014 14-03-11

HAVING been in the forex industry for over 10 years, I have witnessed theindustry's growth and change, from the early days when retail forex burst...

Bloomberg 26-07-2014 14-03-09

May 5 (Bloomberg) -- Fortress Investment Group Principal Michael Novogratzdiscusses the markets, Bittcoin and his investment ideas from the Sohn ...,

Forex Market (blog) 26-07-2014 14-03-09

Bitcoin begins the week in a gentle mood, contemplating for a few hours ata time, whilst it calculates what its next move shall be. Let's take acloser ...

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